About theArtsFund

 Our vision: "Inspire current and future generations to celebrate and support the infusion of the arts from early education to community transformation."

Our work to accomplish our vision:

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About Us
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San Antonio Early Learning Through The Arts:  offers artist residencies and workshops in schools for Pre-K children. By integrating the arts into learning, our residencies help support a child's path toward kindergarten readiness, promoting success in San Antonio schools and communities. Learn More

Bexar County Arts Internship program College students develop a more comprehensive understanding of how the arts benefit our community while practicing real world applications of business skills that increase their confidence in applying them to their careers. Learn More
theArtsFUNd Card :  offers discounts on admissions, tickets, and special opportunities in an effort to increase attendance and community support of local arts programs and venues. Learn More
theArtsFund is a not for profit, 501(c)3 organization. 

All donations made to theArtsFund are 100% tax deductible.

        Board of Directors 

Mrs. Florence Hartsfield†††   Business Manager              Texas Kidney Foundation

Ms. Jackie Claunch †††            President, Retired               NW Vista College

Mr. Bruce Flohr                         President                               Flohr Enterprise, Inc.

Ms. Carol Mendenhall  †         Leadership Coach           Trinity University 

Ms. Pauline Rubio                    Chief Financial Officer         BKD CPAs & Advisers 

Mrs. Suzanne Scott                  General Manager                San Antonio River Authority

Ms. Lisa Shackelford                Realtor                                  Phyllis Browning Real Estate

†     Chair                                                                                      

††   Vice Chair 

††† Secretary                                                                           



 Roderick Rubbo, CEO and President. 

From Canton, Ohio where he was president and CEO of the Cultural Center for the Arts. While there, was responsible for the annual campaign, facility management and capital campaigns.
Prior to his time at the Cultural Center, Rubbo was General Manager of the Ohio Ballet, (Akron, Ohio), General Manager for the North Carolina Dance Theatre at the North Carolina School for the Arts, (Winston Salem, North Carolina) and Company Manager for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma, where he received the schools highest honor for technical merit. He has also received the Americans for the Arts, Michael Newton Award for leadership in the united arts field.

Rubbo has served as Rotarian, and as President of the Luminaria Board of Directors from 2011 to 2013.

"Through arts-infused education for our children, we are creating confident adult leaders for a lifetime." 
Katherine LeMaster, Office Manager

Kathy joined theArtsFund as Office Manager in 2007. With a variety of business experience, and a degree in 
Business Management, Katherine manages all of the general office administration functions, assists in facilitation of the Bexar County Internship program,  San Antonio Wolf Trap, website development, social media, fundraising support, and donor management.

"I have a passion for learning, history, culture, and educating the community about the impact that the arts has on our lives and the need for supporting it in all of the various aspects that it benefits."


Contributions support our mission is to provide innovative arts based strategies to empower Kindergarten readiness to Career readiness. We need your help. Investing in our students today will make a brighter future for our community. Please Donate today! 

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